Miss Green – Sustainable Fashion

Stylish, comfortable and soft.

We make clothing with love and respect for the world and people around us. 

That is what we love. And to not harm others with our fun, we make everything fair and sustainable.

Maaike Groen founded Miss Green in 2008. Sustainable and fair business practice was self-evident for her, but still quite unique in those days. Since then, she has seen Miss Green grow into a fully-fledged fashion label with an extensive collection. And not only that, she is one of the Netherlands’ leaders when it comes to sustainability and equitable production

Miss Green is resolute. For we know that it really is possible to make beautiful and sustainable clothing that is fashionable as well. We remain hopeful that the big high-street fashion brands will eventually also understand this. We bring out two collections per year and continue seeking out new and sustainable opportunities.

Miss Green Fashion